Is Farting A Form Of Art?

Monday, September 12th

Sean, Charley, and Matty talks about a video that surfaced of a man on a subway holding up sign that says "FARTING." Is farting a form of art?


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Seven Simon we play everything on a gala show. I love this new video we can't and can we put it up on the web site or on the FaceBook during thing began subway you know yeah why not. There's nothing really obscene about it it's not obscene and you know one of those words is a bad words still in my house. Would either one of the word I'll spell the one that's a bad word because I don't want kids saying it it's FA RTM we don't say that in mind now what you say. We'll the other part of the guys routine. Poop this is fines and say why is that a taiba the island's not because the other one is a bad word rule what do you say when you make air out of your duty we don't talk about. And you have you ever done. I'd say an alert Mel's saying it don't say it lines Mike is off he can do all. Loan where the video is pretty funny men these guys to stand in there the whole time now we have to soda like a performance art. And I think I guess. Is it art I mean yeah he's got another video it has its utility and just on the side of the street is doing the same thing yet. Like king had a auden and insert a pink tank top type of thing with group written on it. And he's got a big old hand written sign with FA RT ING on a hit hard and yeah proud Italian that is a bad word we can't be introducing that into people's plus speakers and his jacket and here he's. That says it artillery that oh my god that's your Halloween.