Is Facebook Listening To You?

Friday, November 3rd

Ever see ad's pop up on Facebook of things you recently searched for? Well Sean, Charley, and Matty discuss whether or not Facebook has the ability to listen to your calls and voice memos!


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Eventual player of Friday 3363730987. Is our number if you would look computer question here we'd love to hear Fareed. I'll loves can be almost eighty degrees this afternoon he'll be fine I hear us. You know how you said the other day you don't know how FaceBook figures out what you haven't Google search for you don't remember Google searcher for something grant and cups of an aside anyway you get adds to your feed mama got a president crazy how did they do that woman is this couple out there that claims that FaceBook is listening to all of our conversation soon and they tested it. They did this thing with their cellphones close by the suspect in July. For an entire day they talked about nothing but cat food. They don't have a cat they've never search for cat products on their telephones but two days later FaceBook started showing him as for cat food. Dad. They still put something in somewhere you like even as it was early on being so diligent. Your phone isn't listening to you I don't know I don't know if I believed that how many times it while yours doesn't perk up when like people who have a Google. Or like the Alexa thing base theory Nancy you do it now won't do it. Alexa and her elects elements and a face like show me millionaires. Single million voters that bill doesn't lottery her daughter's seven the winning lottery number well. So they they kind of proved it. And they showed the entire thing on line but then somebody if FaceBook came back and said that FaceBook the company does not and has never. Use your phone's microphone for the purpose of collecting info yes corsets that they see me and I did scare me they heard me talking about a pay what you talking about Willis to replace them for you. QL I eight billion deal only. What office I'm hoping. Do you know how long have been one to play this song how long. It's woken up.