Extreme Re-Wrapping

Tuesday, November 14th

Ever gift a birthday gift that'll be perfect for a christmas gift? Well, Sean, Matty, and Charley discuss what you can do to save feelings, time, and money!


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So is to get a show on 987 Simon thanks so much for was into us today. A truce signed a Christmas is coming to Greensboro with that. The Wagner tree lot guys were putting up the lights and hang in all the blue rope and everything over Guilford College by the Jeter. Me and know it's coming fast it is I don't know if you can buy a tree right now I think I'm sure you do then I don't know but you decide you want it and who want to party have a interface trees out but that'll last the new and that's not with Christmas come and it brings up the question. Can you re gifted child's birthday present re wrapping Christmas paper and give it to only hit it. I love it honestly think you think you know they if they have a birthday party they get so many things that was true I. And they have a net they have met them that it was decide. He can hide a few of them from them and they kind of forget about it sure and then they go depended on the amount elude figured yes they're birthday party and if they hadn't played with some bright and if there a little. As they once again has a certain age you dealing mom. Armed cop mind you but still. I don't know because a lot of times you get two or three is some. Like my old girl had her birthday party the other day and she's all in these things squishy sin she got three the same squishy it was X and Y and there was absolutely thrilled with a look so. Now I can't hide one of those give it to her for Christmas because we've just talked about it yet but you know what I got another friend who do goes even further with this. She would. Hey re gift the president from birthday to Christmas. And then too if there wasn't played with after Christmas is still on the packaging and again no he gets sold all. And goats on FaceBook I. Marketplace. Today Jonas if the kids not play with a and it goes somewhere where does get played with that's passive forward as the day I.