Everyone Needs A Backup Plan

Wednesday, August 16th

If you're going to commit a crime, it pays to have a backup plan! Matty tells Sean and Charley about a thief who was well-prepared!


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It's. And that out to JD Sumner. Good good morning from the get the show bogey had a great weekend and you live through it all and that then concert wasn't too loud you kids in your music I'm glad it's over. Why does laugh out loud man flat out take grandpa to allow. Listen if you're going to go out and do something new and get in trouble. At least be ready with a backup plan yet like say you didn't you address around you get pulled over for it you know it drunk driving. What she shouldn't do don't ever do now Liz Liz have a better plan starting out drunk driver but the way this guy finish is pretty cool yeah they got pulled over by the cops raided the reasonable thing which is full bike out of his truck and take off on. Oh yeah. Did. Let me cover employee ever not mad. So he got out of the car talk to police I guess grabs the bike out of the truck and takes off on the bike go to far got and that's what I'm wonder and series that you know. They're pretty on guard when they're out of the car it says here that then he jumped off the bike onto a hang glider yet and he took that down a mountain onto a pogo stick and then got the pogo stick onto a skateboard. And then he ended up on a boat there recycle their somewhere it's due it was on the boat why I. Clemens could get it.