Everybody's talking about the new Bobby Brown biopic!

Monday, September 10th

The legendary Bobby Brown's biopic has people talking. Sean, Charley. and Matty discuss the incredibly raw story of the King of R&B. 

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And ask the whole weekend doesn't know that these long are we belong yeah maybe I didn't take a while girls and fair yet and give my courage up though I was going I was going on for awhile alright Ben Ali doesn't yes. And I hope so your courage sounds like we need courage well you know leaving the house. Yeah that's it hey have you watched any of the Bobby Brown movie yet unknown. Wu I spent some time over the weekend watch it is shown that a lot on BET a cat. It's let me just say it's not something you watch when the kids are around for a number of reasons Sarasota G rated it's not G rated. There's language issues. There's adult contents. There is an adult substance usage. It is often chain man and it's all written by Bobby. OK so this is authorized he'd like told his story he wrote the because this is it like one of those ones where they do like the other eyes blue line with you we think so watch it because it is cool re easy to watch him while he was crazy. You'll hear yeah and I think he's really got it together you see him getting it together in the movie and you know he has some wobbles as we all do one thing that has come out as you see in the movie his relationship with Janet Jackson told the everybody's been talking about that we told the other day when he throughout the hotel room in her underpants. She and her people have said that has been exaggerated greatly by Barbara. He did give her a jaguar. With a giant bow on top of cut and he said and it blaring loud music out of the speakers until she looked out the window and noticed and told him to leave. Because that is what they say have. And so I don't go from just he gave very jagr and set it to he kicked him out of a hotel room and her underpants and you don't. Okay in his element. This time. 3730987. Goals and I doubt many serious dolls made of glass.