Equifax Hack

Monday, September 11th

Sean lets y'all know if you were affected by the hackers, Charley and Matty wanna know too!!!


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Ali match. See if you were hacked on the Equifax thing now I don't know I don't think so who did you check no you can you can go and check I was terrified. When I went in there to check because. It looks like a legit site. And it looks like the little padlock is there on the left but I do not trust anybody out there and a whole wide world and is sure you have to put in your last name and a good portion every Social Security number to see if you may or may not have been involved in this tacked. It's got what 240 million people's. Credit cards and Social Security numbers and all that stuff when it was once Equifax is one of the credit things like in is you know use your credit score and you can. Shut down your credit if you want to you you didn't talk to them and say hey some store all my credit shut everything down. Will now that might not be safe because he got hacked. And criminals have all of this them vote driver's license numbers everything so I I went through the site which if you Google it yeah if you tool Equifax. Packed it won't find this this'll help site and you go through when you're in your information. And luckily it's said good news there doesn't appear that you were part of this. How do you know that by entering your information you didn't just impact the sport on say in the hole. I am actually had the first but she did now listen if you want to steal my identity please. Take all of it. But the best at not things like this comes as a.