Embrace the cold

Monday, July 16th

Sean and Charley discuss how you are smarter when it’s cooler in your environment.

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He ate. We play everything so you can Rocco on what's going on get up shows here at the exclusive to us. You know you always complain is cold in here it is it's not really knowing you have no idea it's manageable and it's for your own good. And scientists have now approved it yet again it's preserved me for featured showcase this well and and it's to make you better what you do right now okay how people lose IQ points win their hotter. And the head mind isn't is not as nice is that it's as people get dumber. During a heat wave. People looked at 44 college students living in Boston during a heat wave it and they look to people who lived in non air conditioned buildings. If people who lived in air conditioned buildings. And people who had their air conditioning. Worth 13%. Smarter right off the top there people who lived in the heat. But are they setting that air conditioner at a comfortable level or are they playing freaked out like you do. Well don't you think. That as it goes if it's a little bit cooler your little bit smarter that's that's any of the work tickets that night though are don't you feel smarter like. You tell me when you get out of here you you claim that its so called it when you get out here you sit your hot car for a few men idea that I bank like entity. And you get dumber and dumber as you know I don't know happier and happier do you find the you have trouble starting your car. No these you have to call to get directions to find your home now myself.