Elementary Homework No Use?

Friday, November 3rd

According to a Duke University study, Sean shares with Charley & Matty that, homework for elementary school kids serves no real purpose! The morning crew debates whether this could be true or not.


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ID 87 Simon the finer things like malaria ma'am. Go more and get a show here at 3363730987. Is number I'm not sure if they're listening in the bus on the way to rally right now in my old girl's draw a field trip public. I'm Debbie careful senators have big snake in net in the history museum where they go I missed a solving mr. museum of natural history museum and I don't know maybe char grilled the lucky you're going to rally well. Here's some good for the kids they're saying now Duke University good news for kids there's very little evidence. That elementary school kids get any benefit at all from homework. We're really home I said this all along they do their work in school in that. You know in that setting right duet where there's a teacher here by the knows what's going on instead of your parents are thoroughly confused man homework was such a drag when I was a kid and I would find anything to distract myself I mean anything but you guys are good that note. Crown around not so much good guide duke says that homework can be beneficial for high school students for their test scores and in some cases middle school students. But very little evidence that it does anything for elementary school kids so that I could see them do what they're really working on an elementary school than need to bring homework on more. Well there's drying gluing welcome moment there's a lot more than that relies man. There's there's really he says did that. They say they play their recorders well yeah that could stay at school for sure I welcome back to a player Friday was that it. 88 and exchange our career Hogan was a little little it did it yes it will do that I sense that cannot let him. Yeah yeah you. Unbelievable and.