Ed Sheeran Effect

Monday, September 11th

Matty, Sean, and Charley talk about the redheads and why they may not be so soul-less after all.


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Seven Simon play in everything your more than a woman to me you're a woman and a bag of chips. Now and they've thank you big orange. Hey it's Monday with a gun shows Shaw Charlie mad we made it back here we've got great news if you're red handed out there in the world. There is that they've found out right now that a fifth of red haired man. In their prime ages 25 to 34. Have recently gotten more attention from women. Positive attention yes thanks to a certain thing here they're being teased less about their hair and it's called the head share in effect now. By the way when he was in town the other day yes somebody said it's just him. And his guitar and Alou peddled no band and really just rocks that thing the whole night he said Eminem taught him how to rhapsody was rapid and stuff. I'm cool isn't that cool LLC that's the thing you know he's he's so talented in everything it's Elden paying more attention and they're like I would like Ed sheer. A third of women out there say that they now have a more favorable opinion of redheaded men but 'cause amid cheering that's it. It is the dang I mean come on all the bush should have and and share in effect. There should be more this going on out there and a world I need a bald bearded somewhere going on. But you know the best thing about this is. Not any more can you say you know what rib heads look forward to most in life but that they're here returner Greg. Oh well that's not true anymore. All non.