Eat This Pizza & You'll Give Birth!

Friday, September 8th

A pregnancy pizza? Sean tells Matty & Charley about Hawthorne's Pizza in Charlotte, NC, who claims that their pizza has lead to their pregnant customers giving birth within 3 days of eating it! 


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Seven side and we play everything crawled people and kids in the squirrels noon three. I was going also to a place of Friday's here 3363730987. Is our number and I have one place in Charlotte where you should not eat. Where's that it's at today pregnancy pizza place what's going on down there what's the name of the place Hawthorne's pizza I'm not saying don't need their eggs in the excerpt here whatever but the buffalo wing. Heats label people eat that have babies without the labor peace even if they're not right right. I. Titles yet everything everything needs that pizza has a baby that for Pete's or that it drag it up in the air a little a little bit resting in a little bigger Israel little bitty pieces of pizza. And they and so on and so on but no seriously folks they've had 64. Confirmed mothers who say dead beat pregnancy Pisa has worked for them. So they're really pregnant and they're due. And if they don't eat pizza then it makes them on the labor here's here's what they say here's how it works have you labor induced by pizza. The mom eating a piece of that pizza 72 hours. Before going into labor. Since they started counting that's an average of one baby every two point nine days. I think really the end and say they get in orders from all over the country like people want to get the babies out of them is. Nationwide pregnancy pizza from North Carolina State we're famous for some hay he won't play some good morning hey. We're strong visitors were his friend called drug RU. I'm doing OK I would really really really let you if you got to read the income and they indiscretion into India from good morning it's. Reached out.