Drummer Boy Challenge

Thursday, December 7th

There's a new challenge making the rounds of the internet, and this one is going to be very difficult! It's called The Drummer Boy Challenge, based on the Christmas song of the same name.  Charley tells Sean & Matty just how it works.  Good luck!

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This December 7 I have a report for you guys today in the driveway one. Giant broken Christmas ball out of the holly tree all NN how you're left well guys stood back and basketball it back up into the tree OK good so good when I get home today it may or may not still be unfair it well and it's definitely you can tell is broken that when in this over one at the top you can definitely tell there brokered. Here's a challenge for you if you love Christmas music you're supposed to stay away from the little drummer boys somehow and what do I win if I can successfully Stuart Little drummer boy. I mean you win it bragging rights it's a little drummer boy challenge and there's a FaceBook wall. Where you you cannot hear that song from Black Friday and sell Christmas a time if you're out in the stores if you're in your car whatever. What's it on TV you cannot hear it in if you hear it did hi. What Mikey came here part of it note. Not even like the lead up yards to avoid a little drummer boy at all costs I really liked it TV special middle drummer way TV special the style and yet that was not one of their better ones and I'll each person who's participating you have to put on the FaceBook all the time and place of your demise. Now keep in mind there's a 153 different covers of that song I felt pretty hard to avoid you know what I don't know if they play it. Trans Siberian orchestra so you may be risking your virtual life in this game and boom is it worth it to you to go see the trans Siberian or should Greensboro coliseum. I'm pulling for you do it again yeah do I risk taker you can go out there live life right up on the drummer boy edged caller and I we have tickets for UC TS so Greensboro coliseum Sunday 733363730987. As the number what he does think his drummer boy in yes no. Not know well. What do you think. Yes signings.