Drinks on Bill Murray!

Monday, September 19th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about the ac in his car going out on the hot weekend.  But never fear, Bill Murray made another surprise appearance to make things all better!


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If we're gonna make. And it shows here Monday morning I don't know what kind of weekend you had my air conditioner went out after we spoke on Friday house or car another car man I today bought that car because he air conditioner in my PT cruiser kept going out so I was like I'm gonna get a car where I'll have air conditioner for life. I think is because you run it at like Arctic temperatures all the time friend he's six is not art this. That's that you see their breath in your car you can. It's temperate as all get sick and his glasses off log out. Parents if I wore glasses in my car I only Wear losing your show off for you guys are Smart. And it's so I hope you had a real cool weekend maybe it was so cool that you had Bill Murray make you would drink did you hear Bill Murray as hearts into the again over the weekend. Ever pop up anywhere we are always she would you know I would give him a trial tomorrow windy straight any day he just showed up you might be a Meyer met on Saturday that now ago nobody knows her motives shoes out of those decision of boomer didn't show up but. He was in New York his son has a bar so that got him in his son's name is homer. And bill said he he put the word out there I'm going to be bartender and homers are people loved it in the deal is with Bill Murray no matter what you order when he's Barton and the make sure everyone. If there is likely has a very you're his autograph hillside like Miley Cyrus I love and I saw that his son homer said. People walk in and were very nice to him what my dad lacks in experience he makes up for in tequila yeah. Harry Simon Says. Let's locked.