Double Espresso Please!!!

Wednesday, September 21st

Sean inform Charley and  Matty to watch out for barristers on their bad days.


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Seven side and we play everything demoted from enough show star Charlie and Matty here and whenever you go get a cough ago. You need to be real nice to New York Marie says Hollis because summaries this now are admitting to things they do too rude customers to try to get back at them. So if you're rude customer you deserve some of this wrath. Like a bitter espresso shot I thought Communist cut or done that. And espresso but is it extra bitter because they leave it sit now if yours Marty was them in the line when they're making your drink. They let your espresso sit out for just the right amount of time for all. Business that evil that's science. I don't we ask you really evil here's one big give your receipt without asking if you want to see you gotta walk on it so mean piece of paper earlier cave man should. I or is desserts. They will ruin your instant Graham photos by covering up their fancy logo on the cup with the order tag because they know your take yourself with UPS. There is okay these are pretty harmless considered one of your board menu making coffee you're gonna get back at these root people anyway you can look at another mess up your name. I'm tired movie I have a copy here formally. MT much yet don't from looting. And the number one way you listen to this when this is pure evil okay do not be rude to the coffee people because they might slip you. Decaf. Two cents. OK very good movie nights since the work of the devil in there.