Don't Drink & Sell!

Tuesday, September 5th

Sean shares a hilarious story with Matty & Charley about an Australian man who became too intoxicated that he sold something exremely important he may regret down the line.


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From all of us get up so we hope you little hot shots jock I. Good good morning and we are regular Joes show on here for live tater salad Joseph there's Charlie marry a do you think you know my in laws had their fiftieth anniversary party this weekend and I hosted I was bartender. At the after party. Wow now did play. Your priority for the if the fiftieth anniversary they do without minute any Wednesdays well here's the thing you know with the after party was upside OK it was across town is on your list are Greensboro. I was the bartender. I made drinks for everybody nobody asked for a second drink where they A too strong or too bad drinks. Too strong doing so yet knowing you okay yeah. He has a point but I think also they might like them that's what I'm saying it because no one asked for second on some people are luscious and would love the second when stronger and are they will listen if you are served very strong drink it's not the best time to sell car. The guy this guy and New Zealand and you know New Zealand is the Florida of the world is okay. Yeah he called the police and said hey my car has been stolen. Inserted a little bit of research are they put a report out you know they base and if you've seen this car let us know. Well a man who had just bought a car that looked just like it. Went down to police station with registrations and look here's everything men bought this car so they went back to the guy who sold it he goes. You know what I was really drunk I don't remember Seligman wow what I had to do was so the police said. I don't know if you guys know this sort of realizes the lesson here is don't Drake and so cars. Now so I don't know if Charlie could ever sell a car company. Man I can't do. Anything drive.