Don't Bring Your Kids!

Thursday, November 2nd

After kids began to run around uncontrollably and ruin some services, Sean tells Charley & Matty about a particular resturant & cruise line who banned children due to parents drinking and not paying attention to their children. 


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Thursday morning on here they're Charlie over better handle. There's many today do what you found. So we've heard earlier that sir Richard Branson has got a cruise line no kids allowed is at the whole boat Nokia is an example that you know did he didn't know kids are allowed on board no pain. Yep that's right that's not how it goes because you can't be pants free of there's kids around into it and we have this nice cool here's a restaurant another restaurant pizza place in Tampa Florida that says dogs are completely welcome to hang out with their owners in our restaurant on the patio service dogs are welcoming side to restaurant. But your kids are no longer allowed anywhere in our pizza place where Italy is called hands Hampton station. He says the places been open for several years we've had a lot of great families come in and out there with their kids but. They've had a problem with adults command drinking too much and let the kids just run around the restaurant. Have you ever seen that you're being anywhere so don't know I guess. Seem to happen but I just I feel like maybe we need to corral the adults knives it's a really good all the kids I know but if you tell those drugs that they can't bring their kids anymore they won't come there anymore to be drug can have your kids be in danger well. True but I mean you pizza place they serve a lot of families peace. He says a few families have ruined it reliability import. Point we really couldn't handle it anymore and you know as this is get now on the news the family rooted for everybody they know who there are a say they don't make. Yet unappreciated don't care who that was us. Veal and we can never leave the house.