Dog's Intuition!

Wednesday, February 15th

Ever thought about why dog's react to people the way they do? Tune in with Sean, Charley, and Matty about a proven fact!


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It says given day or so you can download what we've got to show a show on film ever tighter salad Joseph there's Charlie and learn and there's Matty overtime a 700 million dollars spent on valentines for pets. This past year. Even appreciated. At a not really take time to taste it you know you everything and one by hides it away all of dandy cards. It is so honestly laid down right in it write it yourself now says didn't even care. They say that you know a lot of people say their dogs can tell a good person like dogs no dog people. They say if your dog doesn't like somebody you shouldn't either now it's been proven. The journal neuroscience and bio behavioral reviews. Has shown that dogs are absolutely capable of recognizing whether somebody is a nice person or not. And they tested by they had the owner or someone who's very familiar with dog being a room again and they were trying to do something and other person in the room was mean to them. Like I did not help didn't you know do anything to do to help router and just kind of rude. At the end of it each person offers the dog treat the person who was mean and rude in not helpful to dog would ignored. Really when they did it the other way where the person in the room was helpful and friendly and obviously cared about the owner. Dog had no problem taking entry. And because we all kind of thought that now it's been proven. My dog thinks that everybody was in my neighborhood is bad people that shoes. Sleeping dogs. She Shia and only give up its comfortable around us. It was supposed to be growl and really ferociously they're scared. And I love that.