Does Your Ride Turn On The Ladies?

Friday, September 9th

Does your ride turn on the ladies fellas? Sean tells Matty which cars turns on the ladies, Charley agrees to disagree.


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Simon yeah so don't forget what a great middleware juicy one on your list like now everything else is going on this weekend like folk festival and yet you know late guests are going to be bad is it if they'd listen to this we've found out now. What cars really turn on the ladies Charlie you have tell me if this true or not that they did a survey of 2000. Licensed women drivers. And they said the number one sexiest ride for a man is a black Ford pickup truck. Pretty sexy. You have black Jeep to once underneath out of silver I had a black jet pack and an ass in that not even on the list. 32% of all women love the guys in the pickup truck. After that what would you guess is next sexiest ride forgot. And youth and sports are Smart Car the torch. Porsche is an excellent Mikey out and then after that Chevrolet. Several Iowa just a Chevrolet that's sexy brand you got Richard Ford truck your Porsche and your share every those little green sexiest. Okay. Look you weren't in the survey they need to start asking you these things don't they just they do sixties color for. He vehicle. Black. At least I got you got going yeah I can't help but put a city logo on its basketball player Friday how you doing I thank you. You'll play smugglers Lou but good luck.