Does your dog hate fireworks?

Monday, July 2nd

Sean and Charley talk about a few things that will help your dog out on the 4th if they don’t like fireworks?

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We play everything on the gonna show this Wednesday of course fourth of July look for us downtown on fourth in the in the fireworks are rabid right after that so you know just look up. Look for Russia downtown ouster then look what we won't be of will be on the street will be looking up to will be looking up right there with you if you have a dog they hate fireworks most dogs do some to put up with a the most those eight fireworks. Here are some things that are pretty boring that tell you how to make the best of it. If you got a dog hates fireworks I have keeping darn busy play have a lot of sports outside on a long walks of the real little bit worn out. That night clothes all your blinds curtains and window it's. Don't let don't leave about where they can jump with the guys do not leave him out in the yard because there are. Try to escape bill Lehman they've been known to jump through big glass windows install trying to do we met all yeah. Make sure that all of the collar identification. And micro chip in impose up to date before fireworks you should do that anyway and but so I'm definitely now. Selected cool quiet room where the noise will be at a minimum that's where I like to stay in certain rights or where you would hide for tornado that you got. Turn up your air conditioner fan or TV for extra comfort put on some classical music and certain manner doesn't like class music. C board them in your neighborhood is real loud take him someplace else where it's not that. We can do that if they if they really freak out they have a history of it talk to your vet about getting some sedation give them some appeals. And don't share them for the dog Chester Arthur and we'll let a says hey if you want to if you love your dog skip the fireworks stay in and play a game with your dog okay do you have any tunes. No you don't that's.