Do You Wash Your Hands?

Friday, August 4th

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about the percentage of people who wash their hands after doing some household chores.


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The freaking fabulous but to a player Friday on 987 Simon thanks so much for being here you all on show on in Charlie Matty your an envelope. I'm deploy America's favorite new good time gaming you have hit it do you watch your kids that today. This very exciting do you Raj has before or captured by the way home which I did OK all right cleaning the toilets you wash your hands before actor Charlie after you have definitely after yes I know. I just present after twelve present before and unfortunately 3% don't wash their hands at all he will mean using clean and drugs are gonna see it today no cooking. Oh yeah before during after before and after. Okay well in 93% before 86% after so you both kind of right you gotta wash your hands during all the time this from my little girl tell you how much you washing as we call him a thousand times net. Sadly 3% don't do either I'm not eating there taking out the trash. I never think of I don't. Either now now well you're both in the 22% that do neither Sydney 8% after a 1% Washington's before they take control I don't. I touched the trash about have my hands clean pass and adolescent he's. Don't I don't material. Answer yes of course. And 86%. Gerri yes everybody wow there are labeled them before you third present before. It's futures set neither. And that's how we play do you wash your hair do your ends. Rate 3730987. The number of her request that a man. Update you can't find this what but. When every second they're immediately that this goes on at least mr. Dick a group this far didn't they would result here at all oh I can find that. Since last year. Yes.