Do You Sleep With Socks?

Friday, September 22nd

Charley tells Matty & Sean, about a couple of experts who claim that sleeping with socks is more beneficial to getting a better nights sleep.


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What what what. Well. Get a show here Planar requests a batch of ball player Friday so glad you're with us today and I tell you if they tell me it's the right thing to Wear socks to sleep tonight. I don't think I'll ever be able to be right I can't do it now and it. Like in the wetter when I'm cold I can put a month that they come off halfway through the night I cannot stand sleeping in the moment long don't you take them off. Tell me you do seem to guide you. You take them off with your other foot future big toe in there and you know hold them off with your big toe and that big long big toenail. Scratches you all the way down your leg when you pull your sock I was with it's a kid that part but yeah he you know she knows you've seen her long yellow toenails. But I never say that you should Wear socks to bed why well they said that if you put socks on my credit freeze has to get abetting Kenneth. Opens up your blood vessels and it tells your brain it's bedtime lines I don't know and it helps you fall asleep faster maybe even sleep better. Which does not help me sleep better tonight it was a wake up in big how hot my feet are. Exactly all I can think about is all I gotta gotta get these socks off I'm never gonna go to sleep with the Sox on the constricting me I can't get out and I'm trapped in the soccer experts are crazy doesn't it my ankles it's because my leg here and it's all itchy. All right now we're learning too much about. And I'm just an area ankles this is twosome here and again hey good morning so. Howry. We're itchy and you cannot get me really picky checkered came out my caddie yellow ribbon failed electric for all of us on now. What time did you lose is being cared okay Tony Orlando he had get well soon Tony. Careful knocking threes are.