Do you remeber April the famnous giraffe?

Wednesday, September 5th

April might be the most famous giraffe around, but now you can see her baby. Sean, Matty, and Charley tell you where.

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Sweet baby's gonna show on 987 Simon we play everything for when you're wasting. It's the hardest part I was just saying that Al ansari she wouldn't I did. That's not who somebody that I welcome to the Wednesday part of the week as we're getting all through it what if I told you. That the most sensational. Giraffe in the entire world. Thereafter the giraffe that everybody stop everything to watch. For months and months a pro what if I told you the world's most famous giraffe was coming to North Carolina. April's coming. No well. The babies. April's baby that we watched get birth yeah but it is coming in North Carolina they'll have. Really really sure what that is exciting I mean of Abe rose cover we'd really have something to be excited and only way to get out and other babies who go watch it purse in person about it. But the baby. I know but it's a boy well what isn't even maimed I don't remember is taken to give birth. Look after the break some that a lot with the current amount of operations is that I guess that's possible but anything is possible anymore. Is it to jury or to hearing it means hope in Swahili and now he's already grown to ten feet tall black out. He was five foot nine when he was born into some sort the first thing the mom said was. You can do as I the baby is going to live at a place in trolley. At the Carolina wildlife conservation park outside Raleigh going to be there by late fall of cool that's really all I know what you know why black kid north your body in April we really want April April the little busy right now she can't travel. Can she not know. Well she's not that far along issues. Are you watching citizen's arrest. Because our luncheon every day and already he has to Bertha giraffe she can't get away. Thank Africa I don't know if only we can have one having the venue but we got the boy admitted. All he's ever going to be able to do is walk into a Barnes the hot holes on me.