Do You Know Your Rights?

Friday, September 15th

Sean informs Charley & Matty that most people don't know their first amendment rights and why it matters that you should know!


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Many aids Evans avenue to get up showed taken a big deep. Breath of fall right in through no slow. Fall football time babies we got four tickets to see Wake Forest in Utah's state tomorrow afternoon. If you wanna go recall or 93730987. Will hold up before you. Do you know. That more than half of we Americans. Cannot name any of our first amendment rights. Do you guys know any. I men like that. Go right to bear arms and well I don't think that's first two minutes second an idea or writes I mean streets where part of the problem here. As a eased an amendment rights freedom of speech. Is well then that's part of it and many of the press them now. Rates in the world beard. And expect that you've. You freedom of religion is in there right to eat pizza for breakfast 37%. Of the peoples surveyed these are grown Americans. Can't name any of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment. Hum quiet matters protecting the rights guaranteed by the constitution. Presupposes. That we all know what these rights are that are being protected well like. You deserve a break today that is what are your rights in this sort of like ignorance is not excuse for breaking the law that if you don't know what your rights are than they are not protected. You've got to fight for your right to party yes and you have the right to remain fabulous. All of these are what we're frightened for. I think I knew that one. I'd get better whatever you can reduce some 48 according to Bartlett ran Barbara wrote him but stop the music we can't watch it and percentages watch me.