Do You Fridge It?

Tuesday, April 10th

Sean, Matty and Charley play a game of "Do You Fridge It?" Play along and find out what belongs in the fridge.


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Haven't mountaintop it was stones on right there it's again I've shown I don't know if you do are ready for America's newest favorite good food. It is all do you affirm. Going to ask you about items in YouTube going to head to head to tell me whether or not you keep these items in the fridge I'm jealous annual ring in with your name are you ready yes do you frigid. Coffee. That I like oh gosh I'm gonna give Charlie ago no. She's right you don't because adults the flavor of your coffee up next nuts Charlie Charlie yes. Yes you do for injury nuts and I will triple your the lifespan of your fresh that it's up next. Garlic do you Bridget Matty Matty now. No you don't fridge you guys are doing great guy as great don't frigid garlic hot sauce Mattie Mattie know. They say no don't fridge your hot sauce but that's when it turns brown and that makes me sad but no because it has been and vinegar and you don't for a Jihad. Up next medals spoons do you frigid wiley you want to that's not part of the game that you're disqualified what's your answer at. Palin no wrong. Yes you've fridge your medals foods because you can take them out and use them for under I bags it will take them quite away if you fridge your metal spoon the kind of a trick question so it doesn't go back next Barry's do you Bridget Charlie Charlie yes sorry no you don't fridge your Mary's. Of those dudes the very worst enemy to put in the fridge does that give voice in there. Our whole wheat flour to your frigid Mattie Mattie know who's sorry. The answer is yes we'll do one more nimble get out here it is now tomatoes to your frigid. Highly Charlie no cheese rice and Charlie is a great big winner. Ranging you also don't richer avocados now don't Richard jock.