Do We Need Taco Bell and KFC to Deliver?

Tuesday, February 13th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about Taco Bell and KFC's new plan to deliever food.


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We need camps in Taco Bell to be delivering isn't that hard to go down the street to drive there gas is being so nice. But yeah right in your comfy clothes and silly now is that it did it and I got to thank you get both and that's the thing to both together. I can I get a are trapped. And in a bucket of chicken. Okay well it's gonna become exude. I believe it's rebel hub that yes is going to be delivering your burrito slow go stock goes in your Reba McEntire chicken right to your door report too long. And for Valentine's Day while they last KFC has some cool. They have when you go in and out what is what do you have to buy it again is like to envious of some ten dollar chicken chair okay you get a scratch and sniff. Slowly tick in a tax cut on my goodness gracious and is it out of all. It will look sure everything. If you want it bad enough everything does that put this second but you ordered chicken I mean is it is it is a noted never too much ticket but I know what else though. Anything you give him KFC technically is scratch and sniff later. Yes it's an.