Do Kids Learn From Embarrassment?

Wednesday, May 2nd

Sean, Matty and Charley talk about child punishments and does embarrassing them helps them learn their lesson


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Oh good here's another dad who had a good punishment for a police on. The last we told you about it when the rain yet yeah as some of the bully on the bus and made a run to school and rain didn't and it worked he Sid the kid. Veteran school. He checked his attitude everything's cool. Here's a dad who found out his son had been acted up being a bully. Made them hold a sign on the corner at a busy intersection that said I am a bully. Paul if you eight police that everybody just went nuts talking at that kid dated and he said it really work he's said to be rewarded too. Embarrass his kid really really bad. Because that's what bullies do Sharia Paris to frighten their victims they embarrass him in front of everybody knows that this is what you gonna do when you're gonna feel that man and it worked I feel like kids really learn from embarrassment. It's really didn't. Good way to get him every you know. Did Jack is you can bears the crap it's okay if your parents districts if not if other kids go to don't mean to kids and there's each other mean the united my kid yet what what would you have her hold the scientists say community is is it to the point of sign holding which angered me doubt my rash. Oh O little by little girl needs is the oldest son of god she killed me if she heard this right now. I need to learn to flush the toilet what is up off all hello girls because I know other people who have little girls aren't those that's not an issue in my house. Don't think it's this little girls you think it's other key yeah she's gonna distribution and let's put away. That's related. I have a martyr like minded and.