Days Inn Is Looking For Sunterns

Thursday, May 3rd

Sean, Charley and Matty lets the audience know that Days Inn is looking for sunterns, intern that can take pictures of sunsets for them throughout the summer. The photos they chose will be placed inside their hotels and the photographers will recieve $10,000 dollars


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We told you about Harley-Davidson looking for interest to drive motorcycles yes now listen to this sexy item a bad. Daisy and I'm looking for sudden turns for the summer. All you have to do. Is be able to take pictures. Specifically of sunsets. If you take a good one you can get paid 101000 dollars to take sunset pictures this summer. And become a sudden turn for days in because are looking for new art to hang up in their hotel rooms how well would you be. If viewers son turned and he and your artwork is hanging up in the days ends all across the nation isn't the logo too it's like a setting sun it. And that's so his sister has a host mark for the hotel room art yeah how if you could be irresponsible for hotel room art. It's it's a short job it's just for the summer and 101000 dollars you have between now and may twentieth to submit your best original Al Gore photographed. To be considered for you and if you're Smart guy would it be great it. If you can somehow sneak your Fanny into the picture. And I guess that's up in hotel rooms across the land says yes giggling giggle or maybe have a friend off in the distance. I weigh in now it's there's a little.