Daylight Savings Time Can Leave Children Cranky

Tuesday, March 13th

Sean, Matty and Charley discuss how Daylight Savings Time affect children


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And the daylight savings time it just doesn't get any better. When when we fall back again you guys are realize our guy that was horrible and I. Did do this for the next four months yeah it's longer in that I think notably complain the entire time I think it's. You guys think I'm the only one but I have scientific proof proof right here in my hand daylight savings time can leave. Children cranky for days starting cranky as times brings forward by an hour they say. This doctor says she's sleep medicine specialist parents be sure you're looking now for your kids all developing children were will feel the pain over time change. The most severely affected. Our teenagers who tend to have genetic predisposition to go to bed late and wake up late so early morning school start time is especially hard on them. And me time out that has absolutely nothing to do daylight savings time has everything to do with being a teenager went about you united hearing me. The loss of one hour of sleep daylight savings time you have a domino effect on children for days she says days I say months forty you've used a months the doctor listen. The doctors suggest suggest parents. And mouth the co workers make things a little easier. I watch in bedtime routines and not social Marty have. Yeah I have to watch what your yes I'm Reese had eaten well I mean I noticed that almost to maybe that's not you know maybe he's almost.