The Dating Game

Monday, September 11th

Sean, Matty, and Charley discuss what is going on with Equifax and how to see if you're affected.


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Hey where you get up show play it every day on Simon glad you're with us this morning we love go death for being here and we told you a minute ago kind of a sad statistic of 35% of people worry in a committed relationship are still snooping around on dating site and but. Here's some good news apparent you might be somebody's ideal date. There are some characteristics are got both men and women OK and so is see if these match up to what men and women really want out there listen up. The ideal man has short dark brown hair name he's a good swimmer him he speaks a little French and polish youth but he has blue eyes. My name on the bod yep he is a doctor yeah OK they don't any owns a dog. Yes they know. Well everything's at the doctor in the blue eyes mood in here than. Yes Chris great swimmer of all the other than all of this stuff that few if he is the ideal woman yes. Blue lines around speaks some Spanish Lola Lola blunt here. Yes a strategically placed tattoo yes she's a free lancer. And she likes hiking. Her wrist I mean it's.