Dandruff Flakes has the internet buzzing!

Monday, September 10th

Dandruff Flakes has the internet buzzing, hear Charley, Matty, and Sean's thoughts. 

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Simon we play everything. I don't wanna miss in this room loves gruesome video is like that doctor pimple Popper IKEA. Oh don't don't don't know. I don't know at least in to have pat in the air here is the next video trend which may eclipse doctor bubble Popper are you ready for this guy. Dandruff videos. Have you seen in Munich is now I'm sure Matty is no law let me guess they put down a black talon they stick their head Everett no it's worse. They give light Combs and a comb through a gated now and they see how much is on the yet they zoom in on really dandruff these scouts in the gear often there. Not satisfying to me here's there's two point six million views on a video titled. In all caps big dandruff flakes now. There's another one. With intimate scratching. Called big flakes huge flakes even extreme critiques of oh well I ELI I don't know liven this gross me out now. Hitting have you watched one yet about getting you're gonna get sick and now old really watched the most horrible stuff yeah yeah question every union. I watched the most horrible I want some horrible. Did this bother you don't. I don't know why Alan bothers me. They didn't want to create this thing.