Cuddling cats

Wednesday, September 21st

Sean tells Matt and Charley to beware of hugging cute kitties!

Find out why..


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Except inside inflated everything good morning from get a showed that just said they're gonna do a tour they're gonna do a great big tournaments in a lot of saw a lot of bucket lists out there they're awesome lives I have a new warning for you we told you last week do not kiss your chicken on the lips though because or anywhere else for that matter they got all kind of germs on -- here's one it's gonna shock some people write to their bones. Coddling your kittens could kill you know go at it and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warning use good cuddle in your cat is not good for your health. They have cat borne bacterial diseases. One of them known as cat scratch fever that's the real thing it's a real thing and apparently it's all fired up right now maybe it doesn't always come around right now. Kittens her purse for a minute stuff round Ted Nugent could not be reached for comment this morning both. But it causes if if you've been smooching on your cat and you find yourself with fever. From plus jewels I hate to use that word I'm sorry well. You need to go get that checked out that what they tell pregnant women not to clean Miller boxed well that's even worse that's what's up. Talks though play as most is how big is what did you all and they like Botox or someone that. We have just be careful with those cats I've warned you about I don't assume my cat's gonna do and until my key catalyst and may really isn't about helping a little less what you you'll know what's your cap money usually you know.