Cruise To Nowhere

Tuesday, September 12th

If you were on a cruise with free food, drinks, & accommodations to nowhere, would you take it? Sean tells Charley & Matty about the specific cruise line who is doing just that. 


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Again I'll show happy Tuesday show on Charlie Mandy are here to an end quiz last time you guys thought about going on a cruise and having no idea where you might be going. Now I don't wanna monitors begin there was crews that came into Miami. And they lift people off you know a lot of the ports were shut down because the hurricane Irma yes so when they got back to Miami they said OK anybody who wants to get off you get off but if you want to. You can stay on the ship it was called the Norwegian escape. That'd headed back out to see. With no idea where it was headed. Or win it would return well and had to go away from the hurricane so telling that to change its mind a couple times they said to guess we cannot confirm when or where you'll be coming back but obviously will make every effort to return to ship deport as soon as it's safe to do so I'd like this idea. One lady said they've been very clear that they're not going to run out of food. That's good. They're not going to run out of water that's good. And they're not going to run out of boos at all very important lesson how did cruise to nowhere Big Apple you lose a dead and who.