Crazy Scary Clown Update!

Tuesday, September 12th

As the movie "IT" premiered over the past week, Sean tells Charley & Matty about it & how some women are actually finding the clown very very attractive!


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Played everything for all of your plans and crawl spaces out there which is very timely twist. It's. Considered well do. Tell us why they predicted after the thing movie came out undercount the clowns are back there's a video out of gags the clown. In Green Bay, Wisconsin ringing the doorbell at some random ladies house now and she got him a doorbell video of him he's just standing there it is terror fine no no but. A lot of people went to see that hit movie with the clown did you take. The children yeah. How awful yeah you really no of course not wanna see it all I knew people who die they always are coming out of it yes I can do bill Phillips from the taster my buddy Paul who has. A fear of clowns took his two little girls to suit over the weekend who said they like that that. For real as. And saying mother actually there's a different reaction to committing you might expect women say that penny wise the clown is actually high. Why is what is isn't there is surrenders that. They haven't been the actor bill stars guard who plays penny wise you know he's hot we don't even care that he's under the clown make up I like still still finding him extremely high. No idea who he is but forever he's going to be there clown now that you walk around like during that weird night. Blue flowers thing worries Kennelly yeah and so they really think he's not in spite of all that now are these ladies who think that he's hot have they seen the movie. And now they AME made. You ham and then they've seen him in the make up and they still say he's pretty and women don't crazy and I think fall in love with serial killers in prison all the time as mr. zarrella in Asia where months later while I was researching this by the way worked and he calls them on a stand. A stand yes there a stalker fan. Boo. Now you've seen the clown tell us is he hot or not. Okay. It's so crazy secured well opportunity to. You heard it here first. Official. And he's got testy though.