Commonalities of a Driver!

Friday, February 17th

Sean fills Charley and Matty in about the the three things most drivers are known to do. Are you a part of the 80 percentile? Hear them out!


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Did I hear we have more journey tickets for next week on the nutshell yes in case aren't you heard it through some Beers gonna show on Simon Good Friday morning a virtual play Friday you can series of good driver YouTube yes. When's the last time I know both you've had tickets since I have both the URR and got targets in the last ten years and a dad last ten years and you always want talk smack about me you know being a good driver. Well this is they can't catch you because you just don't follow real rules according to a study by triple A 80% of us have either spread. Run a red light or texting while driving in the past 30 days I am now Evian. I know. I mean it's we admit someone here right now it's not like we needed troubled retroactively to us and they say we're not saying where the remnants are there just a suggestion. Now sadly rent let alone it's me the other things he leaned right out here when it's a red arrow and there's nobody out here at 5 o'clock in the morning and you can't see that not only I don't know if ever there's nobody on the road then do you wanna know it's crazy about the study that your bladed. The youngest drivers between sixteen and eighteen are the least likely to speed run a red light or text while drive let's just there's debris in. As great come on yeah I do like stay scared kids yeah I definitely. Happen and was that was on the morning report Amal which got let. It rip around. Love.