This Clown Thing Is Really Just A Hoax!

Monday, September 12th

Sean updates Charley and Matty about the clown hoax going on in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  WXII reported that is was just that, a hoax.


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Okay. Oh my landslide. Very. Show they'll be scared kids. It's true and use your loyal and didn't. So we found out. I'd never guy who ever says I told you so Emma. Ness never I would remain I would never sink so low as to say I told you this was a house. The PX. Spilled the beans Friday after we got off virtual player Friday show. They said the police in Winston-Salem. Released a statement that said they'd come to a decision. Then the play down reports were false. Oh really yeah now say that's sunscreen out. That's true really that it's just a rumor spread. Yeah and they they said you know we looked at all this is the security surveillance cameras stuff from every angle before during and after the supposedly. Incidents where the clintons were supposed to have been there. We didn't see any clowns we win interviewed everybody again and did somebody get arrested yes the guy who said the guy and Winston-Salem who claimed that a plan knocked on his window he chased into the woods yeah that's in the setting gas I don't nosing Greensboro we don't know where agrees Maria does is just the west Salem police are all you know which start at Winston-Salem clowns are. Eight and I do believe we're gonna find out degrees groans are just as fake as Winston you know even in my neighborhood. There was a report of a van loaded clowns running rampant among everybody is. Not sure they know is right in a VW tiny winners always thirty government there and of course is going to at least air by clowns in this whole thing it's just driving her absolutely cores I hope this gives her a little bit of relief in your latest one of these. In street clothes. I just you wait here. That brings frustrating to so I don't want to hear is music here. I don't wanna be scared anymore. Yeah.