Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Tuesday, November 7th

Sean reads off to Charley and Matty some of the most corniest but creative pick up lines used, that may or may not work, according to Tinder.


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Hey good morning to begin a show we play everything on 97 Simon. I would change went into Hamburger Helper but then might catch phrase will be talked to the hand. Well I like that to you guys have new names announced to get a show with Hamburger Helper Godzilla and tires aren't aren't and don't they don't yell at me I was you know learning get rights it's very important there are cinched pick up lines out there they say these are cheesy pickup lines but on tender their so bad. They're they're so cute they actually work really yes would you like to hear the highway all right. Don't hey listen don't let this go to your head don't let things get at a handed him if they worked York tyranny. Are you a fruit because honey do you know how fine you look right now hopefully. And next does that work now let's tag ended work on you read those look into it at number two. I seem to have lost my phone number can I have your style. Well as yet I've I've got Alex Alex Cabrera at this what I've never heard before Kyle like it. Hey Charlie. Don't you think you know me would look cute on winning cake together. Our act and I hated it so she's blushing a little bit. Brocade next. Do I know you. Because you look a lot like my next girlfriend at all now no now that's assuming too much is it uncomfortable just now it. Hit the original occur. And then the last one it's a classic but they say it works again. Did it hurt when you found in this you know from having well it's really. You. And.