Cheese surplus.

Monday, July 2nd

Charley and Sean talk about how America has so much cheese what are the reasons why?

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Morris. World ID 87 Simon we play everything is to get up show thanks so much Melissa to listen you know we told you about the story months and months ago. But this cheese surplus and now it's become the biggest story in America over the weekend. There is so much disease how much Jesus is there one point 39 billion pounds that's a lot she's been an alleged she think got the largest stockpile that we've ever had since they started documenting that kind of stuff what are you doing your part or you eat your cheese now I'm I'm trying and I I wanna know where they're keeping that she's thinking oh give more. Well there is a place we knew we learned about this when we told this story months ago I think it's in Vermont where they have this huge pile of cheddar cheese. That if it doesn't sell they don't need it soon it's gonna go bad knew after shoving off in the ocean or some. And that would be horrible you know why she's and again you know why this is happening is because people are drinking a whole lot of milk or magic has that smoke as we used to answer to keep the meld it stays better if you turn it into cheese hair. But her son like that you know she's. Is very useful you know look at she's used to get a bear out of the jury what kind of all there this. But you know we'll fancy there you know the best Jesus comes from the Middle East what is that Jesus of Nazareth. You know look at the finest hotel in a mock a mouse stays in Belgium I don't want this Hilton. Sun is an irony is that she's yes I don't know that still didn't play defense in learning how. An area where you don't. The play in any lessons in your. Yeah.