Charley's Old School Words

Friday, February 2nd

Charley gives Matty and Sean some new words to use along with the definitions.


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It's got some old school words because she used to play with a who gonna stick yes back in her day we use words like this yes we used to call someone a smelly duster. Yep if they were a person with intelligence but no principles okay. So not only this and you know this. But still is the active give the impression of working when you're actually doing nothing. I fragile all of us you had Atlantic. They grope is someone who stares you hoping you'll share your food. I act and that's a tough hard city this is the uncomfortable feeling of way new underwear. Oh wow yes I don't well you went nowhere you know they've not only changed the group the fabric by the size of the old navy underwear it's like huge in this made satellite this weird material like outdoor materially. Got a lot of sitting just out here and right now yet. The water is how you feel before you had your coffee yes. They are one more. A hugger mugger is secretive or Covert behavior that's now I think he's. Eldorado high gear right away. Enough of your time.