Charley's Fundraising

Friday, September 29th

Charley tells Sean & Matty about a special event she is participating in, while also giving the listeners a chance to be apart of the cause as well.


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Not. That it's in play and everything on the get up showed there's one night Bangkok Tesla little cousin is getting another she got tattoo with a stick like this crazy over there on a stick. No with a stick low yet old attack that yeah. Happy yeah that's what goes on over there they don't tell you about that assault they were to get a show it show on Charlie and Matty here man and I hope that you've had time to love Charlie as much as you can. Yes the coast and that's why not be here any longer she's risking your life I'm still thinking about going and numb. You know cause a scene so you can't Condo building because if they have to lock the building dumber because of their acting crazy they won't live to climb down and then when do we can't lose your home does that mean you care. Well I mean you read between the lines you think what you wanna the only way down meter Rendell decided billion U Lockett down it will not if I lock it down before she gets in it. Like you did they have to log on a whole perimeter because American like crazy. Out okay this is not going to happen but since. And nine CD. Repelling down the side of 830 story building in downtown Raleigh. For the Special Olympics YO Reilly whacky it's doing here where worm going well. I'll agree is very from very doesn't have a thirty story building does it well fights or fifteen stories you've got data like President Obama put your back into a. Special Olympics of North Carolina and it's the entire state the people from all of the Stater coming to do this event is and like I think probably about a hundred people. I'm gonna have to do this and seriously. Like Spiderman climbing on the side of the building that much slower from priorities you know you might even end up on the TV do in this series you donated Jesse Cannes where there's actually there's a link on our FaceBook page since Charlie's fundraising page I think is click right there in email accounts are and we'll we'll take it off okay good luck to you. Thank you didn't its diplomacy will take care we're gonna go through your desk when you're gone. You don't get a bigger noise and more virtual play Friday you got in my house we date yeah how about Michelle Obama played old are great song we'd like zoom this out all the ladies out there with a very special name. He's anybody who's now. Okay. Teams.