Charley dreams about a pet horse!

Wednesday, September 5th

Charley shares her interesting dream about having a sick pet horse that talks! 

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He's got to show 987 Simon plays everything while you walk around Jennifer hero underwear today whatever it looks great don't worry about it. Lisa never dream like Charlie had. This worries me I have the most vivid dreams and this one I had a horse for pets and he can talk. And he was hanging out outside my house any kept falling down to some all of them he was very sick do you have a cartoonish voice no he had like a normal voice like normal like how normal Moody's sounds like like I mean just like you guys are talking right now I am and normal did a terror LA I'm out here on me horse. I've gone down it is selling bad news selling me and you know why it is MRI are going to send him more like one of us in the other I'm sure some normal day in you know it should be either running via a. Okay go ahead and that I had to go to work and I was really worried about it because I couldn't do anything for him until I got home from war. OK so I didn't know what was inhabitant my clothes on so did he looks sick or you just saw him falling down the face temperature of the. It was kind of any I just. Uses skinny worsens fallen down yeah. And its recent days dating a noose on LA. I don't failure and Siskel asked him what it was he assuring you that he was okay no way he was he was like I don't feel it I don't know it's probably. Okay a dream about a horse may represented strength. And power. A horse may symbolize masculinity. And male sexual energy. So if you're June about a horse that's all sick and fallen down man. You're gonna listen masculinity what's go on earth. A little worried this season as a head. Most Gideon bureau.