Charging For Dinner!

Tuesday, December 5th

Sean & Charley discuss the story of a woman who's considering charging for family dinners, because no one brings anything and she's spending so much money! Is she right or wrong?


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That would Simon plays everything where its always okay to turn around and go ahead turn around like crazy because I knew what we get a show. You know sometimes it does get out of hand we're hosted family dinners and stuff and you wanna go all out anyone impress everybody. And you just make way too much movement there's a weighty out there who's been a lot of grief on line because she's announced. Did she is going to start charging people to come to her Christmas dinner. I don't like us I don't like this at all not elected even more now because it's forty dollars a person declared her dinner. Recent filet mignon and lobster and going on in that dinner that's what I'm saying she doesn't say what she serving up. But she says she's been doing Christmas dinner house for about ten years she always has at least sixteen people attended. 45 or six children in an in attendance in addition to her own for kids. And she says she's been spending so much money. To prepare this huge dinner. I understand that but ask people to bring it did is she says that she does she gas and bring it bring a dish and they they bring cheap stuff. Well they've got to get to Eads and they bring a bag of chips and she's serving up you know serious you know well. I don't know I'm serving up the Turkey you bring the sides and if you're sides and chips well enjoy. Where's where's the line though is it okay to ask for some money I'll see I would never do it well usually mean in my family a few people get together they all prepare is not one person anyway grant so you know I think they. Getting together with some money soon. I see or I can get really expensive. But just don't do it there you go that's the answer and because this for me it's all about showing off yeah I'm showing off. For your money. I handout first fifty dollar bill. That's your place. Have you don't know what you're never gonna was upset either. We already eight ball.