Celebrity Auction

Tuesday, October 24th

Sean details about an upcoming celebrity item auction company with Matty & Charley, and some of the items that'll be available for auction. Including, Michael Jackson's fedora.


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Or. That's exactly everything to Tivo please say it was going on where we get a show crazy celebrity auction has come and if you've ever wondered one in my element rose dresses there's an auction coming where you can get one reality. Nice view analyst white guys fuel and so yeah Michael Jackson's Fedora is in this auction. Horoscopes. Army uniforms he's not fuel Whitney Houston's acrylic piano. Mary Poppins actual umbrella with a bird handled this he used imagine if you get that thing that you can fly all over the world Iraq. NASCAR. It's a company called GWS. Auctions it's come in November 11. The house that Elvis lived and as a child I don't know if this is the old house in Tupelo. But it's near his elementary school in Mississippi you combine that house in this auction alma did that stay where it is Saturday that I don't know what could it be cool to move that your backyard got like two rooms that it doesn't probably one Barack that is perfect for you know you put all your stuff in there they also have one of elvis' planes in 1957 pink Cadillac. His boat named hound dog a television that he shot at Graceland. A two bedroom trailer that was on his circle G ranch Red Cross the line in Mississippi from Graceland is it weird thing that house is the most reasonable thing to buy out of all those things yeah it you know move and that's the whole thing yeah I'd love to have it but moving it UBS UK third in the back your truck it's tiny you guys would never help no matter if offered you pizza and beer and whatnot and I don't. I'll miss it. In this business.