Cassini's Last Ride

Friday, September 15th

Sean tells Charley & Matty about the Cassini Spacecraft's last orbit around Saturn that lasted for 20 years. 


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And it got to show was here better ballplayer Friday on Simon there were so in love with you for being here whether some sad though by the Cassini spacecraft and he has been up all night and let me. And sewage that there's Dini and his track it's what's going to happen through the Cassini spacecraft is going to and its mission today. With a 70000. Mile per hour crash into saturn's atmosphere it had a mission is this robot. Robot craft was undertaken pictures Saturn yeah 120 years. It's cost like four billion dollars out there have been launched in 1997. Took seven years to get two billion miles to Saturn. And now he's just been hanging around out there and all the sudden the Cassini spacecraft is run out of gas. So instead of taking a gas can out into deep space to fill it up bring it home no. This is gonna crash it into Saturday when they don't want discusses how much four billion dollars crest to Simi crash come oh man how much how much is based gas. It can't be too much more than supernova lit up. We can't say this figure we tried to just rocket Kia until it. That would be a great all of these are great ideas better than when your car runs out of gas you don't just hop out of it and let it roll as it myself at duke does. I edit a plus I'll probably watch it though my super jealous yeah later today yet also thank you have a telescope by your rain this is visible to Canton just near the best left tackle a man. I sure hope it don't run an inning then hey good morning you would place of that for you welcome. I'm glad I'm actually all the crap about the only. You and you. Trying to and a whole war and brand. 00.