The Case Of The Ex!

Monday, September 10th

A new service to store your ex's things !? Hear what Charley, Matty, and Sean had to say about it!

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I. Hey good morning and everybody a 97 Simon's play in everything on the get a showed you guys heard about Xbox when about it I don't know not the instructions they go to. EXBO. Acts it's. I didn't think that was legal world this is something I. Where these people will take things one when you've gone through. Of Fredricka. And there's things in your house to remind you of your axe at put a Molineaux another betterment tiller can get it. Well this is a service that will take those things at your house. And stored them for you oh you don't have to look at it when I first saw the headline I was like oh my god. They come get that crap and Broadway forming bloom again I gotta be awesome I guess I don't know what happened to you know it would be the perfect crime yet but no it's not. Perfect base in new boxes. In which you put concert ticket stubs. And lamps in toasters or whatever right and then they send an Xbox employee over to pick that stuff up in story for you until and if there comes time at which you can deal with it and decide whether to keep your toaster or throw it away and men and and aside are you paying for this service like you are yes your day of high dollar so higher opening this door her crap yes it as separate location now. You stuck with her crap they're also paying to storage somewhere no doubt this is they're gonna go out of business very quick. At that you put Mike Bennett really does so again great DC.