Can you live without a microwave?

Monday, July 16th

Charley and Sean talk about one woman’s reasons why you shouldn’t have a microwave

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987 Simon play in everything on the get up show there was question on line near the day could you live without a microwave. I'm live without one I'd prefer not to know I don't even use it that month. There's a lady that says she absolutely hate microwaves and gives a slightly irrational case Earl I wish all you rid of them booted a list of things that she says are reasons why we don't need them okay so this is the opposite in that all right which can say well she says big taste better without that warmed over flavor for microwave. Not everything. Yes things are supposed to be from the microwave so there is there. Our this is just too many rules that what you can and you can't put and it will just don't put metal in there and lastly lets you like fireworks. Having what is a waste of space and particularly if you live in a small apartment our man I used to have one of those great big ones you have like a doorknob dialogue and we asked are those were great eight. And they don't heat food evenly leaving cold spots. You know one thing is. Popcorn is tough in a microwave. It's either. Full colonels or burnt black you got him really don't you can listen got to use your listening near. Though it's tricky. Microwave popcorn is is that your brother live without it. I could live without a microwave without microwave popcorn. Yes I can definitely with government where it popular and then they sell and RD popular bag the store and I don't happen to the black because I don't heartbeats. It's easier do you fear.