Can You Guess The Smell

Friday, April 20th

Sean, matty, and charley ask their listeners if they can guess the smell that 12% people say they love! What's your guess?


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Can you say is true. I'm running. Somewhere. 987 Simon play and everything for your Friday morning party here's special player Friday and we got you last prayer Merle fest figures I can't believe I'm saying that last fare so you better get in here answer the trivia question about smells and 3363730987. Is a number 12% of people this survey say they actually like this smell good morning welcome to get a show what do you think this smell list. Alone and now I am sorry it is 9 thank you good morning Simon what's your gas but Europe. Not body editor sorry thank you good morning Simon what do you think it is figure out. It's not spirits that sorry thank you did morning's Simon of what do you think it adds there's a garlic. People say they actually. Big very breath smelled petting good isn't it crazy. Now I would say garlic cooking ES barely out of people no no not at all events that. This dog. We'll judge makes she gets your math was Cindy Minty Minty fresh breath is really in real close quarters with a whole bunch of people have a child back. Heads or.