Can You Answer These Jeopardy Football Questions

Monday, February 5th

Sean reads Charley and Matty Jeopardy questions that have to do with football and see if they can get them right.


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Could ever vacation today then decided not to take it is glad it's because somebody. I have reason he's the happy is boy in the world. I would hear all of the glitter on your head and it actually is a fan of what the team I don't playing in the big game yesterday the big game all right so listen you guys know how are always told you forever go on jeopardy you'll never see me again because I'll run that thing like that robot or I'll run it beyond every day. By the in my job. Nonetheless. They do questions about football. Which they did they had some nerdy is nerds whoever nerd and a nerd on jeopardy the other night and they couldn't answer any football query inspired category. They blew it we this. Saw ask you guys UC if you give this. Name this play in which to QB runs the ball and can choose to pitch it. And Matty. Okay what is the quarterback option so I don't know is that right and OK here's another look. Tom Landry perfected the shotgun formation with this team what is the Dallas Cowboys aren't now assume your right. They deny it out they so far they get their immediate answers there's another went by signaling for one of these a returner can reel in a kick without fear of getting tackle what is a fair catch yeah. Okay. Here's another one. These penalties if they are simultaneous. Violations by the offense and the offense and see what are offsetting penalties with. And defense they cancel each other out. At what is what are offsetting penalties yes that's the offense that was. And if I ever. And yet you guys Obama blew through her egg how.