Blame Your Age!

Friday, September 8th

Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss the peak ages where men & women are found to be the most boring & most exciting. Matty gives a few suggestions of how to become more exciting with time.


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877 and again I'll show we love you all the way down to the ground his eventual player Friday calls of if you want summit 3363730987. This is exciting gonna get to find out of a boring. Of Atlanta by a shot at there's that there's some specific criteria out there to tell you if you're exciting or boring and there are specific ages at which you are your most exciting yes people in their twenties are the most exciting it's even more specific than that payment. When he says it is when you peak doubt that now you're boring when he hit 37 and after back. I mean I guess it's all downhill. Women give glory in their mid thirties all men hit peak boring at 37. But it's after you hit fifty. Yes Serbian raring to go and ready for news. I don't know man I don't know how can ever be any more exciting than this right here will this is how you can get more exciting very here's a couple things we can try at a news sport. How. That he'd go on a spontaneous shopping trip all the time you change jobs often. And make a surprise visit to a friend. Hey can I have a job to look at this. No skills however need make new friends I got all the threads I'll ever need. I do hobby out. I felt hobbies out ever need and this is all you brow of staying out super laid out or nine yeah right past 6 o'clock in the world. And that's that's like after dinner 6 o'clock yeah. Your odds at least 740. That you would play some you well. What can you top five favorite reconciled yet.