Blake Shelton's Textbook

Tuesday, April 10th

An Oklahoma first grader found a textbook that may have been owned by Blake Shelton. Sean, Charley and Matty talk about what they would have done if they found it.


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Joseph you might see in this story owner around this morn the first greater out there in the world. In Oklahoma another Oklahoma story how she got a text book and she's look and edit. And she notices remembered when used into textbooks you break your name minute and a school year she looked back. Chronologically looking backwards. And back in 1982. The name was Blake Shelton who use this text we'll know C didn't how cool is that. Low Marley so excited that her new reading text book once belonged to Blake Shelton. And her mom says yeah that might be cool for her she's in fourth grade but guess what 1982 was a long time ago and just use the same greeting. Book. That's out of it but I mean at the. I mean yeah some things are classics never saints I know would come on man X me she gets muddy up the batters on the net Lilja contact Blake you better believe that if I would have found that that would have been. Quotes in the air lost. Wait I have an idea unchecked Blake and he'll buy new books for the school. You know we used to do this I mean this sounds mean now. But back in the day when we had those textbooks rewrite your name in there yeah yeah if there was ever a blank where one year somebody in Philly and then I would put in anything like you know Sean casts of the year was seen that JR Ewing. Part of me really has it. So somewhere out there is somebody might have one of those who they think the super specialists who knows if this was ever really Blake Shelton's it was our anger. And burst her bubble buyers as Abraham Lincoln blue. Oh.