Bizarre State Names

Friday, September 23rd

Matty reads off bizarre state names to Sean and Charley.

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987 Simon and to give up show whose government to a player Friday. Reminded me tell. I have in my hand a map of America the the whole country. And the most lewd sounding town names in each day the couple now accident and this this is what are you guys big break who wants it on there you are doing other all right take that and just start rebuild so for yourself start reading the town names you Rego. Hoped to its. When anchors coroner. Numbers down. Shooter. And the rough and ready like maneuvers. But here but derided wounded beaters city. Also out with. So we lists do you see your state your state scuttled and lined pointed to New Hampshire again. All right what's Indiana June photo map which of them yeah it's. It's in the middle somewhere. Snubs Floyd snobs okay Indiana's schoolers desolate North Carolina as I know. Climax. The listeners know ballplayer butts. And they've held South Carolina. Tigger. So let's get out that quick organ double. What you would play for you almost play a Friday. I like a year demo it at all. I eat it.