Big Foot Juice!

Tuesday, September 19th

Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss how a new scent entitled "Big Foot Juice" is believed to be able to attract big foot sightings & repel insects!


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Matchbox Twenty on 987 Simon we play everything for a big hole have made Tuesday and Tuesday. Half as excited as we are North Carolina all over the map this week of course because mayberry days going on in manor yeah. And we're making in worldwide news today because there's a woman. And McDowell county which is up in the mountains. Who has just invented a seven dollar a Bobble spray did she says will attract big foot. No yeah I should check six. Of course we do man all of a brush that hair. I never got a chance with the goat with his long beard with a round brush maybe bigfoot will sit still I feel like bigfoot is kind of scary and I don't want him coming in my house you don't know there's no way to the myth she has a body care shop so she created this break called bigfoot Jews get seven dollars she says that it will attract big foot. Within a one point five mile radius of must smell strongly how does she know has he come over for dinner or something actually this past August. Big foot 911 used despray. And they did attract a big foot through the woods where they were hanging out six and six men were out there they were spread not glow sticks at like you do yeah. Crack at trying to get big puts attention. Then they sprayed the bigfoot juice brave and they saw a huge creature with a smooth solid black face and shaggy hair. And it's gotten so much attention did a bigfoot hunter TV people were armed which are gonna. Interesting. That they gonna be good the festival the bigfoot essence yes and you wanna know what else is really need about two bigfoot Jews why it attracts big foot. But it repels insects how does that work. I don't know but that's great underwear in the woods ex AMOCO yeah you'll get bit by a mosquito blood bigfoot would come the morning. It's a win win.